1-Is Pathyou free?

Yes. You can navigate through Pathyou for free. I mean; we don’t have plan for paid content; for the time being.

2-Can I use Pathyou without register?

Yes, you can use Pathyou without register.

3-Why should I register to Pathyou?

If you register, our artificial intelligence-supported platform provides you with a personalized experience and easier use, based on the personal information you share with us and the learning paths you have completed before.

4-Can I create a content too?

Yes! You can create contents on Pathyou with ready-make contents on a specific topic in a learning path format and send it to us. Our content team will be happy to quickly review and publish it.

5-What is a learning path?

We call the "learning path" to compiled contents that enable our users to have beginner knowledge about the topics they are curious about. Our team curate learning paths on a specific topic. A learning path is a journey consisting of elements; videos-infographs-images-web site links. Instead of getting lost in endless internet ocean; you get a filtered; curated content. Can there be a better way to get familiar into a topic?

6-How can I be a curator on Pathyou?

It's easy to be a curator on Pathyou, register and click to learn how to be a cutor!

7-How can I create my first learning path?

We prepared a learning path that explains how to create learning paths on Pathyou, click to learn!