Learning became easy with the technology. But the new challenge is: What to learn? In modern-digital age the challenge isn’t the lack of resources; contrarily we have been surrounded by a variety of content where quality and relevance is the main problem.

Pathyou is an easy to use tool for you based on content curation; to learn how to talk smart about a topic; with assured quality and relevance. Pathyou is a collaborative collection of the best entry level content on a certain topic. Our curators allover the world just bring the best public content together for a purpose:  To help you in learning how to talk smart about a topic. To sharpen your curiosity, to open new horizons for you.

We are the simplest path for you for learning the basics of a topic. Our curator team consist of curious people; who find and combine the most relevant entry information of a basic topic.

Our team curate Learning Paths on a specific topic. A learning path is a journey consisting of elements; videos-infographs-images-web site links. Instead of getting lost in endless internet ocean; you get a filtered; curated content. Can there be a better way to get familiar into a topic?

Our curators aren’t content creators. They don’t shoot videos, design images or create infographs. However they are experts in finding the best content on various online channels. They are super curious people, like you.

Visit pathyou.com, search your curiosity areas or browse through our categories and start learning on your path.  Curiosity will guide you to the best curated content online. We are confident that our curations content the best path to get familiar about a topic. Once you start to walk on your path; you’ll enjoy more and more on each step.